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Buy the best goalkeeper gloves

Order the best goalkeeper gloves online or in our goalkeeper store in Breda? You are in the right place at KeepersTalent. We have the largest assortment of goalkeeper gloves and because we buy in large quantities, we can offer these at the lowest price. Here you can view all goalkeeper gloves. Today, more than 100 different goalkeeper gloves are available. They come in all colors and all sizes. There are goalkeeper gloves with roller finger. The glove fits tightly around your fingers. Besides rolling finger you also have negatively stitched gloves, which ensure better contact with the ball, among other things. Do you play a lot on artificial grass? Then choose goalkeeper gloves for artificial grass. These are generally less likely to break than a normal football glove, but have less grip, making it a bit harder to grip a ball.

Buying goalkeeper gloves with or without Fingersave?

There is a big difference between goalkeeper gloves with finger saver and goalkeeper gloves without finger protection. If you opt for a goalkeeper glove with finger protection (fingersave), the chance of a finger injury is less likely. The disadvantage is that the freedom of movement of the finger is limited. Goalkeeper gloves without fingersave are not affected. Do you find it difficult to make the above choice? Then choose a football glove with a removable finger saver. The finger saver is then standard, but you can easily remove it with the Velcro.

Do you need tips to order goalkeeper gloves online? Read our blog where we have written many tips for keepers who have little knowledge of football gloves. If you have further questions as a result of this? Then quickly get in the car to Breda or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Goalkeeper store in Breda

In addition to our goalkeeper web shop, we also have a real goalkeeper shop in Breda. A special goalkeeper store that is 100% focussed on goalkeeper products. From goalkeeper clothing to training material and from goalkeeper helmets to the very best goalkeeper gloves with which the professional keepers play their matches. In our 82 m2 goalkeeper store everything is available for the keeper. From goalkeeper gloves to goalkeeper clothing and from undergarments to football. Tjoeks, football socks, goalkeeper helmets and much more … In our store you are guaranteed to succeed .

Opening times
Wednesday: 13:30-17:00
Friday: 17:00-20:00
Saturday: 11:00-17:00

With us it is possible to have your new goalkeeper’s clothing and goalkeeper gloves printed directly in the store. We can arrange this for you on site.

Printing a goalkeeper shirt is € 7.50
Printing goalkeeper gloves is € 5