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Buying Goalkeeper Gloves 2020


If you are looking for goalkeeper gloves, you are at the right place at KeepersTalent. We have a wide range and therefore also a large choice in different brands. I will tell you a bit more about this range, and I will also discuss why one glove is more expensive than the other.

The rangeKeepersTalent Keeperswinkel - indebuurt Breda

As I said before, we have a wide assortment with a lot of choice. Every brand has its own unique qualities. Elite, for example, has a long lifespan, while Adidas has an outstanding grip. Unfortunately, this also has an opposite effect: Elite has less grip than Adidas, but adidas breaks faster than Elite. If you want to buy goalkeeper gloves, it is important that you have enough information about the gloves. Grip can be more important for one keeper, while lifespan is perhaps more important for the other keeper. I will tell more about it in the next section.

Besides Elite Sport and Adidas, we also sell the following brands: Sells, ONEkeeper, Aviata, HO soccer, Reusch, Stanno and Uhlsport. Elite Sport is our most popular brand. What makes this brand more popular than the rest, is that this brand produces its own foam layer. This ensures that Elite has a different foamlayer compared to other brands. The ‘Contact’ foamlayer is used very often, this is a foam layer that can be used very well in dry weather conditions. The aqua foamlayer is known for retaining its grip during wet weather conditions, this foamlayer is also used regularly.

We also sell CombiDeals, which means that you get an extra discount when you buy two pairs of goalkeeper gloves: our goal is to have every keeper play with decent goalkeeper gloves for an affordable price.

Price/quality ratio

The price of a goalkeeper glove is determined by many different factors: the used materials, senior or junior, the foamlayer, fingersave or no fingersave, for which pitch and for which weather conditions the goalkeeper gloves have been made. For example,  a senior goalkeeper glove with fingersave and a sturdy foamlayer will be more expensive than a glove with a shorter lifespan and less grip. The reason that junior gloves are cheaper, is that less material is needed to make the glove and this means that the production costs are lower.

Starting keepers usually go for cheaper gloves and that is very understandable, you must first discover whether you really like keeping of course. The longer you keep and the better you get, the more expensive the gloves usually become: it is important that you have good material around your hands. After a while you will discover which gloves you like the most.

Our advice

Expensive goalkeeper gloves is great to play with, but that won’t say that cheaper goalkeeper gloves are bad or something. You’ve got the talent in your hands and the talent is not in the glove. If you don’t want to spend too much on a goalkeeper glove, what is very understandable, you still have lots of choice at KeepersTalent! You can still find a decent goalkeeper glove for an affordable price, and that is what we stand for. Everybody should get the chance to play with nice goalkeeper gloves, whether you have a lot or a little to spend.

Our delivery

We ensure the fastest possible delivery: that means ordered before 23:59, will be delivered tomorrow. You can also have your name printed on the glove, but then the delivery time will be longer. Our service also has a track and trace code, so that you can constantly follow your order.


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