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Elite Calavera Goalkeeper Gloves

The Elite Sport Calavera has been available since June 2019 at the goalkeepers specialist: With the “Calavera”, Elite has chosen for a unique design. The black goalkeeper glove with colored elements and a white skull on the backhand has 1 of the most striking designs in the Netherlands.

Elite Calavera Goalkeeper Gloves

Why is the Elite Sport Calavera an absolute top purchase? First of all, the goalkeeper glove has protection in all 5 fingers. The finger protection ensures that the risk of finger injuries is less big. If you don’t like to keep with fingersave, you can easily remove this protection by using the Velcro on the back of the hand. The 4mm Elite SBR latex ensures that you have an excellent grip. The goalkeeper glove is also not easily damaged because the foam layer is made of sturdy material. The hybrid fit ensures that the end of the fingers is slightly wider to make easier contact with the ball. The cheerful colors on the strap ensure a bright appearance.

Elite stands for quality

If you decide to buy Elite goalkeeper gloves, you know 1 thing for sure. You buy quality! Elite Sport is not known for its “action goalkeeper gloves” or goalkeeper gloves that only cost € 8 at Decathlon. No! Elite Sport makes quality. The cheapest goalkeeper gloves, The Elite Sport Stars, Crash and Vampire costs €40 and the most expensive Elite Sport glove, the “Elite Neo Aqua” is €130. At KeepersTalent you always have a 10% discount on the entire range and the employees in the store are always happy to help you.

Elite Sport 2019-2020

Elite Sport, the goalkeeper brand that gets up in Israel, has released a number of new models. The Elite Calavera, Elite Stars, Elite Crash, Elite Vampire, Elite Hunter and the Elite Scorpion. The Stars, Crash and Vampire are junior goalkeeper gloves that are available in the sizes 3, 4 and 5. The Elite Scorpion is also a glove where the keepers expect a lot. In short, the new models of Elite Sport are promising. It is released in June 2019 and they have given a lot of attention to youth keepers.

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