Goalkeeper gloves

Elite goalkeeper gloves


Elite goalkeeper gloves

Are you looking for brand new Elite Sport gloves? Stop searching on the internet! KeepersTalent has the brand new gloves, which are designed in Israel and made in Pakistan. All gloves are produced the same way, so there are no differences between the adult and child version.

Famous Elite Sport goalkeepers

Many professional and famous goalkeepers all over the world use the best Elite goalkeeper gloves. For example: Bram Castro (KV Mechelen), Theo Zwarthoed (NAC Breda) Andries Noppert (Foggia, Robin Ruiter (Sunderland) and FC Groningen goalkeeper Sergio Padt wear the brand new gloves as well. Of course this is just a small group of the hundreds famous Elite Sport goalkeepers.

Fit and features

The fit of the Elite goalkeeper gloves is amazing. Many football gloves of the Israelian brand have a wristband, which you can spin 360 degrees around your hands. By doing this you’ll find out that the fit is tight in a perfect way. The gloves have a fantastic durability. If used well, it won’t get damaged that fast. Some gloves also have fingersave which you can remove by using the velcro if you don’t like it. You will read more about fingersave later in this blog. Also the grip is perfect for the prices. Elite Sport added small ventilation holes at on both sides of all gloves. Your hands won’t sweat that fast as a result.


It’s possible to buy Elite gloves in several prices category’s. First there are cheap models, which aren’t included with the best technology’s. However, by wearing these gloves you’ll be able to perform at your best during training sessions and games. More expensive gloves have the new technology’s. For example: the brand added the 6 Lines Stretch Strap so your hands won’t shift. Shockzone is added as well, which means you can hit the ball harder.

Elite Sport collection 2019

You can now buy Elite goalkeeper gloves for the season of 2019-2020. The new collection has been released. As usual there are gloves available in difference price ranges. Also many colorways are available, for example red, blue, yellow, green and many more. Of course you can buy white or black football gloves as well if you don’t like those colors. We have added new Elite Sport gloves on our website: Elite Neo Black, Neo Aqua, TC, Black Panther, Black Real, Supreme, Camaleon, Real, Armour, Solo, Infinite, Coraza, Black Solo, Ork, Gladiator, Vibora, Andalucia, Eagle, Calavera, Crash, Star, Vampier, Scorpion and Calaca goalkeeper gloves.


Our advice for young and starting goalkeepers is to buy Elite goalkeeper gloves with finger save. Fingersave is protection behind your fingers. There are little sticks added behind the fingers, so they won’t bow backwards by catching the ball. If they bow backwards, you could get injured. Of course you don’t want that. Also there are Elite Sport gloves available with removable fingersave. As the name says, you could remove the little sticks behind the fingers. An advantage of fingersave is that you won’t get injured. However, the disadvantage is that your fingers don’t have much freedom.

Why should I buy Elite Sport gloves?

Many customers are asking us: why should I buy Elite goalkeeper gloves? Well, Elite has beautiful designs. They are different if you compare them with other brands. Also the Israelian brand has strong latex. They have a long durability. Also the grip is fantastic and the gloves for children have the same quality as adult football gloves. That’s not always the case with other goalkeeper brands, but Elite Sport takes junior goalkeeper gloves very serious.


We sell Elite goalkeeper gloves in several colorways. By buying Elite Sport you know one thing for sure: people will notice you! You can buy yellow, green, red or blue football goalkeeper gloves. If you prefer different colors in just one glove, try the Elite Combat, Combat Pro F or Club gloves. Do you prefer black or white? That’s not a problem at all, because we sell gloves in those colorways as well.

Nature and artificial grass

Nowadays many amateur goalies are playing more often on artificial grass instead of nature grass. Actually you can’t compare those fields. Alright, they have the same colour. People are asking us more and more about artificial gloves, that’s why you can buy now Elite goalkeeper gloves for artificial grass. There is one big difference between normal and artificial gloves: the thickness of the palm. Usually you use palms from around 3 or 4mm. By playing on artificial grass you need thicker palms. Also you need a thicker foam layer, so it won’t wears out. There is only one big disadvantage: because of a ticker foam layer, you will have less feeling after catching a ball.

Buy Elite football gloves online

Order your brand new Elite goalkeeper gloves at KeepersTalent.com. We have almost every Elite glove in our large line of Elite products. Do you see nice football gloves, but we don’t sell them in your size anymore? Please send us an email to [email protected] You can also fill in the contact form on our website. Also it is possible to call us or send a message on WhatsApp. Our phone number is +31 6 54281631. You can find this form under ‘CONTACT’ in the menu.

When the gloves are back in stock, we will send you an email so you can order them. When your order is recieved before 23:59 PM the day before, if you live in either the Netherlands or Belgium, you will recieve your order the next day! If you live in Germany it will usually take 1-2 days and other parts of Europe will take around a week! Do you live outside of Europe? Then your order will be delivered in 2 weeks! Fast delivery is what we do and pride ourselves on!

Elite Ork

The Elite Ork goalkeeper gloves were launched in June 2018 and are black/orange hybrid gloves. What does this mean? Well, the latex is ‘rolled’ around all your fingers. A big advantage of hybrid gloves is that you will get a better ‘catch feeling’. The Israelian brand added removable fingersave to all fingers. It has 4mm contact latex and 4mm damping. Catching the ball will be easier and because of this it will also stick better on the foam layer. These beautiful Elite goalkeeper gloves have small holes on both sides so your hands won’t get and feel sweaty during training or a game.

Elite Infinite

Elite Sport also launched the yellow Elite Infinite goalkeeper gloves. These striking gloves don’t have fingersave, which means the Elite goalkeeper gloves are made for adults and professional goalkeepers. You can order them at KeepersTalent.com in the size 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. The Infinite is a negative cut glove with 44mm contact latex and 4mm damping. Negative cut means that the glove is made for goalkeepers with big hands and thin fingers. Also there are small holes on both sides to prevent sweaty hands.

Elite Neo Black

The brand new Elite Neo Black is now available at KeepersTalent.com! It has a new, more comfortable wristband and small holes on both sides. These Elite goalkeeper gloves don’t have fingersave so you can perform better during the game. Of course the colour is black, but you can also buy the Aqua version. These are especially made for rainy weather conditions. Normally you have to pay €130, but we sell them for only €115!

Check out our brand new Elite Sport goalkeeper gloves HERE

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