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Elite Neo Red


Elite Neo Red

Are you looking for goalkeeper gloves which you can wear during all weather conditions? Go for Elite Neo Red! Read everything about the brand new gloves of Elite Sport. They are available in different sizes (7/8/9/10/11). Instead of the normal price of 130 euros, KeepersTalent sells them for 115 euros!


The brand new Elite Sport Red goalkeeper gloves are totally red colored. Characteristic is the tight latex on the foam layer. Around all fingers we see a few triangles, which give the gloves a beautiful design. The logo of the Elite Sport is added in the middle. We see the name of the goalkeeper brand as well at the bandage band.


The Elite Neo Red has an amazing and tight fit. It has an hybrid fit with a negative cut. The end of the fingers are more rolled than usual. This will give you a better ball feeling and there is a bigger chance of catching the ball. Because of this you can perform better during the training and game. Its the negative need what makes this glove special!


Good to know: Elite Sport didn’t add fingersave inside the Elite Red goalkeeper gloves. The gloves are made for experienced goalkeepers. An advantage is the freedom of movement. At both sides there are added little holes, so sweat can be drained. The quality is also excellent. These beautiful red goalkeeper gloves will last for a long time. Of course you will have to take care of the goalkeeper gloves.

Famous goalkeepers

There are many professional goalkeepers who will wear the beautiful Elite Neo Red gloves. They see the quality of the brand and are happy to use them. Bram Castro (KV Mechelen), Sergio Padt (FC Groningen), Theo Zwarthoed (NAC Breda), Andries Noppert (Foggia) and Robin Ruiter (Sunderland) are examples of famous Elite Sport goalkeepers.



We at KeepersTalent.com pride ourselves on the fast delivery system that we have in place!

If you live in the Netherlands or Belgium your order will only take one day to be delivered, if you live in Germany it will only take a day or two and if you live in other parts of Europe, it will be just one week!

If you happen to live outside of Europe your order will be delivered in just 2 weeks time!

We take pride in our status as a company who delivers fast and takes good care of your orders at all times!

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