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Elite Scorpion Goalkeeper Gloves


Order now the new Elite Sport goalkeeper gloves the “Elite Scorpion” for €63. The Isrealian goalkeeper brand has once again shown itself from its best side by releasing this fantastic model. It has only been on sale in the Netherlands for a few weeks, but most customers are already very enthusiastic.


The index finger and little finger are Rollfinger-stitched. The middle and ring fingers are negatively stitched for an optimal combination. This gives you the best of both worlds. Another word for this combination is hybrid. Most professional goalies worldwide play with this type of goalkeeper gloves. Elite sport goalkeeper gloves are known everywhere for the fact that they have a tight bandage and -fit. The advantage of a tight fit is that your hand will not shift in the glove.

Why should I buy the Elite Scorpion?

You probably have noticed that goalkeeper gloves become a little more expensive every year. And that the gloves wear out faster than before due to the many artificial grass pitches that are being laid in the Netherlands. The great thing about the Elite Scorpion goalkeeper gloves is that the foam layer is a bit stronger than, for example, the latex of the Elite Vibora. Making the lifetime of the Scorpion somewhat longer than a goalkeeper glove of about the same price range. The Elite goalkeeper glove has fingersave in all 5 fingers that you can remove very easily if you don’t like this finger protection.

The design of this model is once more beautiful. There are small ridges on the back of the glove (they call this the shock zone) that ensure that you can punch the ball further back into the pitch.

Also when you buy the Elite Scorpion Goalkeeper gloves, and you live in either the Netherlands or Belgium, you can expect your order to be delivered the next day if you order it before 23:59 P.M.!

In other parts of Europe it will take up to 1 week to deliver and outside of Europe it will only take 2 weeks to get it to your doorstep!

A fast delivery is what we strive towards and take pride in!

Elite sport is very popular in the Netherlands.

In recent years the Elite sport goalkeeper gloves have really sold like sweet buns in the Netherlands. We, at KeepersTalent, sell between 1500 and 2000 pairs of Elite sport goalkeeper gloves each year. Certainly in the months of August and September these models can hardly be dragged on. Our advice therefore is as followed: make sure you order them betimes.

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