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Elite Stars, Crash and Vampire

In the summer of 2019, Elite Sport introduced 3 junior goalkeeper gloves with an excellent fit and a really good foam layer. The Elite Stars, Crash and Vampire feature colorful designs, finger protection and a good foam layer for a reliable grip. The 3 models have the same features and qualities, only the design is different.

Elite Stars Goalkeeper Gloves

Above you see the Elite Stars goalkeeper gloves. The blue/red goalkeeper glove has a sort of dartboard on the backhand of the glove. The model has flat fingers for a large catching surface and fingersave in all 5 fingers, including the thumb. We think, these models are the best junior goalkeeper gloves available in the Netherlands. You can also buy Adidas junior goalkeeper gloves for €35, but that goalkeeper glove has a very thin foam layer. The disadvantage of a thin foam layer is that the glove is quickly broken. So don’t buy Adidas junior goalkeeper gloves, but always go for the Elite Stars.


Elite Crash Goalkeeper Gloves

Below, you can see the Elite Crash goalkeeper glove with a striking orange foam layer. This model has the same characteristics as the Elite Stars. An excellent fit and reliable foam layer, even when it has rained a lot. Always ensure that the foam layer (the orange part) comes into contact with the ground as little as possible. You often see keepers stand up with a flat hand if they want to push themselves up. The disadvantage of this is that the goalkeeper gloves break quickly.


Elite Vampire Goalkeeper Gloves

The Elite Vampire is the same goalkeeper glove as the Elite Crash, but the color combination is different. You can shop all your junior Elite goalkeeper gloves online at We always have a large stock and the cheapest price in the Netherlands. We can also print your name on the glove for just €5.


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