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Explanation of different price classes of Adidas goalkeeper gloves

Adidas is still one of the best-selling goalkeeper brands in the world. Logical too. Consumers often buy products they recognize and I probably don’t have to explain to you how well-known Adidas is. I will briefly explain below how Adidas determines its prices and which goalkeeper gloves you can and cannot order. It is also important to know that Adidas changes the colors every 3 months and that the glove remains (almost) completely the same. To know which color is “in” right now, all you have to do is look at where the Adidas professional keepers are currently playing with.

€15 – €20

The €15 to €20 models from Adidas are simply said: “super bad”. Adidas also knows this and they do this consciously. They want to bring a cheap glove on the market that looks the same as the professional keepers play with. Young keepers who are just starting to keep want to play with the same models as their idols and quality is not that important at this age. It’s more about the feeling. If you are looking for goalkeeper gloves in this price category, we recommend the Reusch S1 models.


The €35 model is the goalkeeper glove for juniors with fingersave (no fingersave in the thumb). This is also a simple goalkeeper glove with a thin foam layer. This is always fairly tight and many keepers have difficulty getting into the glove. If you want to order this glove it is advisable to order a one size larger than you usually have. If you want to spend around €35 for a junior goalkeeper glove with fingersave, you better go for the Aviata Light Bright or the Elite Gladiator. Then you get a better quality goalkeeper glove for the same money.


The €50 models of Adidas are goalkeeper gloves of approximately the same quality as the €35 models. Only you have these goalkeeper gloves in adult sizes and the €35 gloves are for children. This glove is called Adidas the Replica. Our advice is not to buy Adidas goalkeeper gloves in this price range and to go for example for an Elite Combat. Then you get a much better glove for the same money.


From €70 the Adidas goalkeeper gloves are starting to get really good. These types have a double bandage and are half-negative stitched. They have a thick, sturdy foam layer. The fit is ideal and the grip is just very good. This is really a model that we recommend. You just get a very good product for an affordable price.


The adidas Ace fingertop. From €90 you get the top model of Adidas and for this money you have the rollfinger model. The advantage of rollfinger, is that you have a tight fit and that the fingers of the glove roll all the way around the fingers of the keeper. In England, rollfinger is by far the most popular type of glove. in the Netherlands, the €120 model is still the product that is the most frequently sold.



The Adidas Predator Pro. The goalkeeper glove is incredibly flexible and light. The glove fits well and the freedom of movement is fantastic. With these models you have to watch out for artificial grass pitches. They can’t handle that very well. The all-round reputation ensures that the glove fits snugly around your fingers and that you don’t suffer from seams. The €120 variant of Adidas is negative stitched.

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