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Goalkeeper academy Diego was founded in the spring of 2014 by Diego Theunissen. Diego helped out Ogi Peric with his soccer academy but was increasingly asked to give goalkeeper training and that is why goalkeeper academy Diego was founded.

Diego was allowed to keep for 6 years in the youth of NAC Breda. From the C1 to young NAC. Unfortunately, Diego was unable to make the final step to the first team for various reasons. Currently Diego Theunissen trains the D and C keepers of NAC Breda.

The training that Diego himself received in the youth of NAC Breda, plus the experience he gained in the matches he played, he tries to convey to the keepers as well as possible. Small things, such as always being in the right place in the goal, can make the difference to stop one ball and ultimately win the game for your team.

I also notice that self-confidence among youth keepers is incredibly important. You often notice that if a youth keeper has made a mistake in the competition, and has subsequently been told this by teammates / trainers / parents, his self-confidence is greatly affected. As a result, he is very much in the goal of the upcoming matches / training sessions and this does not benefit his performance. At our goalkeeper school the keeper always hears when he has done something good. This gives the keepers more confidence and he is more confident in the goal.

The training sessions at the goalkeeper’s school are given by young trainers who themselves have played (or still play) at BVOs or are active as trainers at BVOs. The training courses at our are always classified based on quality and not on age. If you choose goalkeepere academy Diego you choose quality and the fastest growing goalkeeper academy in Breda.


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Goalkeeper academy 2018-2019

With us it is always possible to enroll at our goalkeeping academy. Send an email to [email protected] if you would like to train with us sometime.

Success stories

Several keepers made the switch to a professional club via Keepersschool Diego. Binck Raymakers made the switch from RKVV JEKA to NAC Breda in 2015. Christiano Vergouwen in 2016 from TVC Breda to NAC Breda. Tijn Baltussen from MOC to FC Dordrecht in 2017.