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Goalkeeper Gloves with Protection


Are you looking for goalkeeper gloves with protection? Then you have come to the right place at KeepersTalent. We offer goalkeeper gloves in which (removable) fingersave is incorporated. Read everything about finger protection in this blog, for whom it is advisable and what the pros and cons are.


Wel of geen handschoenen met fingersave kopen? |


Fingersave is finger protection. These goalkeeper gloves with protection contain small sticks behind your fingers. This means that your finger cannot bend all the way back and the risk of injury is considerably reduced.

For whom

Goalkeeper gloves with protection are ideal for young- and starting goalkeepers. We have already given the reason for this: the risk of injury is reduced. Because children are still growing, there is a chance that, for example, the fingers of your son or daughter will “bend” backwards with a powerful shot. As a result, he or she may still suffer from this injury throughout his/her whole life. Most big goalkeepers play with a football glove without fingersave, which increases freedom of movement. We recommend keeping the first two or three seasons with protection. After that it is better to play without fingersave. This allows you to get the best out of yourself and perform optimally during training and/or competition.

More protection

In addition to fingersave, even more protection has been added to many goalkeeper gloves. Think of goalkeeper gloves with protection against the cold. Most gloves also have an extra protective layer on the body, which reduces the chance of painful knuckles when punching the ball away.


The advantage of goalkeeper gloves with protection

  1. You are better protected against finger injuries.
  2. You can punch the balls further at crosses.

The disadvantage of goalkeeper gloves with protection

  1. Your freedom of movement is much more limited.
  2. It is harder to hold balls tightly, because it is harder to move your fingers.

What can you do best when in doubt?

If you are not sure whether you want to order gloves with or without a fingersave, it is best to buy goalkeeper gloves with removable fingersave. Here the ‘sticks’ are already¬† behind the fingers by default, but these can easily be removed by using a zipper or Velcro on the back of the hand. Most youth keepers who are just starting out should always choose gloves with protection. You see more and more often that keepers ignore the fingersave at a later age, because they find freedom of movement increasingly important.

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