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Kjell Scherpen with the Uhlsport Absolutgrip

One of the biggest goalkeeper talents in the Netherlands, “Kjell Scherpen” will make the switch this summer from FC Emmen to AFC Ajax. The 19-year-old goalkeeper, who is the same age as Matthijs de Ligt, is expected to make his minutes in Ajax with his Uhlsport Absolutgrip goalkeeper gloves.

Kjell Scherpen to Ajax

At the start of the 2018-2019 season, many football fans of the Eredivisie were surprised when they heard that FC Emmen entered the Eredivisie with a keeper who was only 18 years old at the time. Everyone thought that this could never go well for the people of Emmen. “A degredation candidate must have an experienced and reliable goalkeeper if they want to have a chance to not be degredated,” is what many football experts thought. And to be honest, the first few weeks Kjell Scherpen made a bad impression. He looked very insecure and regularly made bloopers. But as the season progressed, Scherpen got better and better and rumors went that Ajax wanted to take over the young goalie. The fans of Ajax were unhappy about this because in the past Scherpen had not tweeted too great things about the club from Amsterdam. Marc Overmars did not want to know anything about this and together with Van der Sar made the decision to contract the young and talented goalkeeper.

Kjell Scherpen with the Uhlsport Absolutgrip goalkeeper gloves

Anyone who has been following the “goalkeeper gloves world” for a while knows that the Absolutgrip goalkeeper gloves are not the best in the Uhlsport collection. The best goalkeeper gloves you can have are the “Supergrip goalkeeper gloves”. That is why it is very notable that Kjell Scherpen has opted for a lower level.

In Germany the majority of professional keepers play with Uhlsport. And 90% of the goalkeepers are playing their matches with the Uhlsport Supergrip goalkeeper gloves. Scherpen has chosen the Finger Surround fingers. Another word for Finger Surround is Rollfinger. With Rollfinger goalkeeper gloves, the finger part of the glove goes all the way around the fingers of the keeper. This gives you a tight fit.

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