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ONEkeeper goalkeeper gloves


ONEkeeper goalkeeper gloves

Are you looking for new gloves? We recommend ONEkeeper gloves. Order the glove at KeepersTalent. We have a lot of ONEkeeper gloves in our range. In this blog you will read about history and printing. You will also read about goalkeepers with ONEkeeper goalkeeper gloves and about colors of the gloves.

Goalkeepers with ONEkeeper gloves

There are many keepers who play their matches with ONEkeeper gloves. One of them is Alessandro Damen, goalkeeper of Excelsior (a Dutch club). Also Sergio Padt (FC Groningen) and sometimes goalkeepers of the Dutch national team play with ONEkeeper. Nowadays there are many amateur goalkeepers who wear ONEkeeper gloves as well.

ONEkeeper colors of the gloves

All black ONEkeeper gloves are at their best during dry weather conditions. At ONEkeeper the green gloves are the best on artificial grass. The blue gloves are the best during wet circumstances. And the red glove from ONEkeeper is a glove that you can use no matter the current conditions be that rain, sun, durability grass or durability artificial grass thus you can use this glove anytime anywhere. We offer combideals and just one pair of gloves. When you order a combideal it is cheaper than when you buy two pairs appart of eachother. Our advice is to buy two gloves. One pair to use during the training and another pair specially for games. If you have 2 pair of gloves you can fully focus on the goalkeeping, instead of worrying about your gloves.


The ONEkeeper  gloves were founded by Arjen de Vries. He tought about the idea for a long time before he actually did it. He started ONEkeeper in 2012 and one year later he came with the ONEkeeper Pro Classic Glove on the market. A lot of professional goalkeepers have helped him to create the best gloves at ONEkeeper. The glove is made of the best quality. The gloves also have a excellent price-quality ratio. After the Pro Classic, De Vries came with the Fusion line in 2015. And in 2017 the C-Tec glove launched and in 2018 the Iconic line.


The ultimate goal of ONEkeeper is that many goalkeepers around the world will wear ONEkeeper goalkeeper gloves. De Vries’ dream is to be the biggest brand in the Benelux. He would also love to see Jasper Cillessen in gloves of the Dutch brand. Nowadays many professional goalkeepers use ONEkeeper gloves, but there are also a lot of amateur keepers who also wear the same brand of football gloves.


Ofcourse we already know that we can buy ONEkeeper goalkeeper gloves since 2013.¬† “However, this is not enough for us”, is what we read on the website of the brand. ONEkeeper attaches great value to service. You can buy gloves on their website, at goalkeeper schools and of course at KeepersTalent. This way ONEkeeper will always be in direct contact with the customer. Professional ONEkeeper experts can help you to make the right choice. This selling method will make you a better goalkeeper and will make sure you have the best equipment that is on the market today!


We have the possibility to print words and lines of text on the ONEkeeper goalkeeper gloves. You only have to pay 5 more extra euros and we will print whatever you want on the glove. For example, it’s possible to print your name and number on both goalkeepers gloves. Do you want a special line, text or word? No problem, it’s possible! However, make sure the text isn’t too long.

Contact information

Do you want to know more about the beautiful ONEkeeper goalkeeper gloves? Send us an email! Our email address is [email protected] Also you can fill in the form on our website. You can call us as well. Our phone number is +076 7859939. Are you in the Netherlands? Visit our goalkeeper store! The address is Verbeetenstraat 19, Breda.

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