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Reusch goalkeeper gloves

Reusch goalkeeper gloves

If you are looking for the latest and also the best goalkeeper gloves from Reusch, then KeepersTalent is the right place for you. In this new blog you can read all about the popular brand, the technologies that have been incorporated into the goalkeeper gloves and well-known Reusch goalkeepers.

About Reusch

Let’s start with the history of Reusch. Karl Reuscha made all football gloves by hand between 1934 and 1973. In the last year he met legend Sepp Maier, who asked Reuscha to design and produce his gloves. That happened, and precisely with these gloves Maier won the World Cup! Since then, more and more goalkeepers wanted to buy Reusch goalkeeper gloves and nowadays it is one of the largest goalkeeper brands in the world.

Technologies and characteristics

When you buy Reusch goalkeeper gloves, you definitely choose for certainty. The newest and best technologies are present in the new- and more expensive models. For example, the outside is made of special material, making your hands even more flexible during the goalkeeping. You also have access to an ORTHO-TEC system, also known as fingersave by many other brands. More about this later. The grip is even better than a normal glove because of the special surround cut. This means that all fingers are assembled in a different way. Finally, the Neoprene wrist ensures that your wrists are protected and that your hands don’t catch cold during the winter.

Famous Reusch keepers

Buying Reusch goalkeeper gloves ensures that you can perform optimally and get the best out of yourself during training and/or competition. Famous goalkeepers also know this. Think of Samir Handanovic (Inter Milan), Julio Cesar (Benfica), Ralf Fährmann (Schalke 04) and Diego Lopez (Espanyol). The figurehead is the goalkeeper who won the 2018 World Cup in Russia in 2018: Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur).

ORTHO-TEC (fingersave)

As you can read earlier in this blog, many Reusch goalkeeper gloves have the so-called ORTHO-TEC system, or fingersave. This is a protection behind the fingers, which ensures that your fingers will not bend back when catching the ball. This considerably reduces the chance of an injury. Ideal for (young) keepers who are just starting out. A disadvantage of ORTHO-TEC is that your fingers are less flexible, which reduces freedom of movement. This makes it difficult to clamp a ball. However, Johan Cruijff said “every advantage has a disadvantage” and that is also the case here: you learn to catch the ball just a little better with your fingersave. In many models the sticks are incorporated behind the fingers, without you being able to remove them. You can also buy Reusch goalkeeper gloves from us with a removable fingersave.

Different prices

Reusch gloves are available in different prices. The cheap models don’t have special technology’s, which make them the perfect training gloves. Without any technology’s you can’t perform at your best without ‘help’. However, our advice is to buy also expensive gloves which you can use during the game. These models do have special technology’s, so you can punch the ball a little bit harder onto the pitch. Also you can catch the ball easier.

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Hugo Lloris

Like we said before in this blog about Reusch goalkeeper gloves, Hugo Lloris wears them as well. In the past he used Uhlsport goalkeeper gloves, but the goalkeeper decided to switch. He is born on December 26 1986 in Nice, a city in the south of France. Lloris used to play for OGC Nice between 2005 and 2008. Then he moved to Olympique Lyon. Since 2012 he is the goalkeeper of Premier League team Tottenham Hotspur. The goalkeeper recently signed a new contract till June 30th 2022.

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