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Sells WA Collection 2019

Anyone who follows the goalkeeper world in 2019 a little knows that something very special is about to happen. The new Sells collection 2019 is about to enter the Netherlands and the expectations are very high. Many keepers expect that the new Sells collection can compete with the very best goalkeeper gloves that are currently available worldwide. We, at KeepersTalent, also have high expectations.

Sells WA Collection Goalkeeper Gloves

The new Sells goalkeeper gloves will be called WA 1 to WA 8. WA stands for Walter Schuurman and Adam Sells. Adam Sells is the founder and name-maker of the English brand Sells. Walter Schuurman was the face of the goalkeeper brand Elite Sport for many years. Walter, in consultation with Adam, developed the goalkeeper gloves himself in a Hungarian factory. They have opted for high-quality materials at affordable prices. No expensive zipper to remove fingersave from the goalkeeper gloves, but simple/cheap Velcro that has the same function. No expensive breathable pieces (Climate Guard) on top of the glove, which only makes the goalkeeper glove €15 more expensive, but simple/functional material.

“It’s about the quality of the latex and the fit”

These days it is also very important that the goalkeeper glove looks nice. Certainly for youth keepers this is very decisive for the final choice. But for experienced goalkeepers, 2 things are the most important thing. The fit. The glove must fit well around the hands of the keeper, and the grip. The better the foam layer, the easier you can catch the balls. You often see that how higher the price is, how better the foamlayer is.

Lifetime of the goalkeeper gloves

Everyone knows that the Adidas Predator Pro have a great grip, that they go on the pricey side and break down fairly quickly. Sells has also responded well to this. It is important that people are satisfied with the quality of the new goalkeeper gloves, but it is just as important that the product doesn’t break easily. The English brand has paid a lot of attention to this. Goalkeeper gloves break quickly, especially on artificial grass pitches. We have written a separate blog on how you can ensure that your goalkeeper gloves last longer. Click here for this interesting blog.

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