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Uhlsport Dynamic Impulse

The new Uhlsport collection, which came on the market in the 2019-2020 season. It is actually the same goalkeeper glove as the previous collections, but now in a different color: red/orange and yellow. Twice a year, Uhlsport brings a new collection on the market and the Dynamic Impulse is the collection of the second half of the 2019-2020 season. The collection before this one is called the Uhlsport Radar Control, with the blue and yellow color combination.

Just like the previous collections, it contains different foamlayers: softgrip, absolutgrip and supergrip. Softgrip is the least, absolutgrip a step better, and supergrip the best. Supergrip is the foamlayer that keepers like Hugo Lloris play with. It also contains different ways of stitching: flat fingers, half-negative and fingersurround. Flat fingers are the least tight, half negative slightly tighter and fingersurround the tightest. It’s different for each keeper which feels best.


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The best foamlayer that Uhlsport has ever developed. the speckles on the foamlayer of the glove is the hallmark of the Supergrip. These speckles are very sticky and provide the ultimate grip. This glove is at its best during dry weather conditions.



Absolutgrip is the foamlayer which comes after the Supergrip. The only difference between these two foamlayers are the speckles. The speckles are the reason that the Supergrip-gloves are more expensive.



Softgrip is the worst of the three foam layers, but these gloves also have a decent grip. The foam layer is slightly less well developed, which means that the price of these gloves is a bit lower. Our opinion is that this is an ideal training glove.

Click HERE for the Uhlsport Dynamic Impulse collection!