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Uhlsport Goalkeeper Gloves

Do you want to buy brand new Uhlsport goalkeeper gloves? Then you have come to the right place at KeepersTalent. We have an extensive range of Uhlsport goalkeeper gloves. In this new blog you can read everything about the brand, technologies that have been incorporated into the gloves, well-known Uhlsport keepers, Supergrip gloves and Absolutgrip goalkeeper gloves.

About Uhlsport

Uhlsport was originally a German goalkeeper brand and had only one goal when it was founded: ensuring that goalkeeper around the whole world can get the best out of themselves. If you are going to buy the latest Uhlsport goalkeeper gloves, you know why. The German brand is now so popular that many teams from the German second- and first Bundesliga play in teamwear from Uhlsport. Think FC Kaiserslautern, Fortuna Düsseldorf, SSV Reutlingen 05, 1. FC Magdeburg and the women’s team of Bundesligaclub VfL Sindelfingen play in Uhlsport outfits.

Technologies and characteristics

Purchasing Uhlsport goalkeeper gloves is a smart choice. Various technologies have been incorporated into the newest variations of football gloves. Think of small dots on the foam layer of Supergrip gloves, so that the ball sticks more easily. You also have excellent finger stabilization while keeping. Furthermore, the so-called Shockzone technology has been added in the latest gloves, so that you can box the ball back even harder into the field. The breathable textile ensures that you don’t get sweaty hands so quickly.

Well-known goalkeepers

Uhlsport sponsors a huge number of well-known goalkeepers and the best keepers in the world are very happy with these gloves. Buying Uhlsport football gloves means you know one thing for sure: you can get the best out of yourself and therefore perform optimally under the bar during training and/or competition. Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspur), Jean-François Gillet (Standard Liège), Anthony Lopes (Olympique Lyon), Robert Zwinkels (ADO The Hague) and Lars Unnderstall (PSV, rented to VVV-Venlo) are happy to use the latest football gloves from the German brand.

Kjell Scherpen, the keeper who made the transfer from FC Emmen to Ajax, also plays his matches with the Uhlsport Absolutgrip Goalkeeper Gloves.

Super grip

When you buy Uhlsport goalkeeper gloves you have the choice of two different models. First, we discuss the Uhlsport Supergrip gloves. This is the showpiece of the German brand and is currently one of the best gloves in the world. Supergrip gloves have the best foam layer. If you want to catch the ball, it will stick to the foam layer. Please note: this only applies to dry weather conditions. When it rains, we recommend you to order Supergrip Aqua goalkeeper gloves. It is even better to purchase both models, but only if your wallet allows that of course.


In addition to Supergrip, Uhlsport also has Absolutgrip gloves. These can be used in all weather conditions and are slightly cheaper than Supergrip models. Buying Uhlsport goalkeeper gloves from the Absolutgrip line means that you are under the bar with the best gloves, only the dots on the foam layer are missing. This keeps the ball sticking a little less than with a Supergrip glove. An advantage is that you learn to catch the ball better without extra “help”.

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